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Codie. Male. 19. Hails from Delaware, studying in upstate New York. Figure skating and cephalopod enthusiast. Avid adventurer. Perpetually poetic.
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I’m going to post an Andractim update at the end of this week. At that I point I will have been 2 weeks on (applying 4x per day), 1 week off, 1 week back on (applying 3x per day). I also started using anti-hair loss shampoo once a day, so that I’m hopefully able to do the rest of the 3 months of treatment straight through without freaking out about going bald, which I know won’t just HAPPEN, but I have an irrational fear of one day going completely bald with no warning. I’ll also let you know how much growth I’ve seen, which I’m pretty sure is at least some improvement.

I also have an appointment to discuss my hysto on Oct. 17th. I am probably going to call to schedule my surgery sometime this week for early/mid December.

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